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Waiting for Danica My Sister My Story ....


Branko and Jelka Kadić are good people. They are honest, hardworking, practicing Catholics and proud Croatians, who are actively involved in their local community. They are doing well to raise and educate their three, happy, Australian-born daughters in a comfortable house in North Altona. Everything about the Kadić family is normal. When sixteen-year-old Danica runs away in the middle of the night, their lives simply stop. Nothing that happened beforehand matters; unless it can explain why their middle child has discarded them, in favour of the rough streets of 1980s Melbourne City. Why hasn’t she called to say she is okay? What will people think? What if we never see her again? Why won't she just come home? These are the questions youngest sister Ana hears over and over, as they all sit, locked together in the kitchen, wondering what went wrong and waiting for Danica. This is a true story. This is Ana's story.



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