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08 November 2015

Paper backs are available on the home page as are eBooks.  You can purchase an autographed book for $29.99 or standard paperback at a reduced price of $24.99.  If not - eBooks are  available.  I thank you for your support.





31 October 2015

Waiting for Danica My Sister My Story will be available in paperback very soon, but you can buy it now ebook now, $9.99 (aud).







11 October 2015

It is with great frustration that I announce that the publisher of my book, Waiting for Danica, My Sister My Story (JoJo Publishing) has gone into liquidation.  As a result of this I ask all of my supporters to ensure that NO MORE PURCHASES are made of my book or ebooks at this point in time.  Myself and other authors are now waiting to go through the legal process that this situation requires.  Until I can be sure where any financial profits will go in relation to sales I would like to hold off on any further sales of my story.  It saddens me that this has occurred however I remain positive that once this is sorted I will be able to continue to with the marketing of my story, sales and a relaunch.  I appreciate your understanding and I am grateful for your support from the day my book went into production.



9 July 2015

Listen to Ana Dean's interview with Ana Solomon on SBS Croatian Radio -




22 March, 2015

Waiting for Danica My sister My Story  is now available on for $9.99 AUD.



28 February 2015

Waiting for Danica My sister My Story released tomorrow, 1 March 2015. 



10 February 2015

Waiting for Danica, My Sister My Story is currently in print and released. 

You can order on line at various bookstores.







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