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"... they never lost their values or belief in who they were ..."

"I read "Waiting for Danica" in record time, I could not put it down. I blame you completely for my red eyes each tell a story in such a way it draws the reader in, and I followed the story of Danica, at times feeling frustrated, sad, and very angry, and my admiration for you and your family grew ......with the added chapters, I know so much more of your parents and what they endured in their early life. I admire how they were so strong, and also they never lost their values or belief in who they were or their country of origin. Full respect to your family Ana and yourself.... I grew up in Fitzroy, and frequented the city, and worked there for a couple of years in my early teens. I had Sharpie friends but I was not a Sharp. I know of the lifestyle, the problems associated with the street kids. I also went to Suzan Johnstone Modelling School as a teen ......There is a lot of 6 degrees of separation, in life.... I cried for your mama, and all of you, and have so much respect for your unswerving support for her (Danica), what a wonderful family."

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